The Art of Bible Journaling


Stories are incredible. A good narrative knits together snippets of characters’ lives to reveal purpose, understanding, relationships, and love. Shared stories are the highlight of conversations with family and friends! They define us. Little anecdotes reveal who we are and how we’re connected.

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September 2019: Cathy Maher

My adventure into the beautiful world of Bible Journaling began when I saw ideas people were sharing on InstaGram and wondered how they created such beautiful pages. That led to some YouTube searches in early 2015. I watched the steps they took and the various mediums they used. I found kits to order, downloads to print and make stickers, as well as books with ideas and how-to lessons. I’ve always enjoyed making truth cards using scripture, promises, goals and prayers and decorating with color and stickers. The transition into doing art in my bible came natural for me.

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August 2019: Michele Bowden

As I look back at my heart for creative outlets, I can only attribute my work and my passion to “happy accidents” inspired by Bob Ross. I used to sit in my grandfather’s recliner and watch episode after episode of Mr. Ross’ artistic landscapes while painting along. Mr. Ross reminded viewers to relax, breathe, and just add a little happy tree over here, and another one over there. I know that is not how God the Creator did His initial work but it was how He started His work in me!

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July 2019: Liz Barber

Hi! My name is Liz Barber. I’m a wife to Aaron for 14 years and a mama to twin boys!
In my former existence (before kids) I was an associate pastor, web designer and graphic designer!

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June 2019: Karen Hunter

My name is Karen Hunter. Before I discovered Bible journaling, I was already bringing my faith and love for paper crafts together. In my home church and online I was hosting and teaching classes that showed others how to bring their faith more deliberately into their scrapbook pages and other craft projects.

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May 2019: Amanda Hargrove

My name is Amanda Hargrove and I have been married for 25 years (in June) to my wonderful hubby Andy. We have two beautiful kiddos, Adam (18) and Alayna (12)

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